For those of you who missed July 2nd 2015 interview on CBC Radio with Tara, here it is!

  We are expecting our golfers this Monday June 29th!! Monday’s forecast is warm & sunny!!
            It is that time of year!! Golfers are signing up, prizes are being donated, can’t wait! This is  our annual fundraiser to support the residents of Nazareth House, for more info call (514) 933-6916

A HOME WITH A HISTORY Nazareth House, a heritage building on Seymour Street, was founded by Dennis Hadley, his wife Lucille, and Sister Cote of the Grey Nuns. This main residence has been in operation since the early 1970’s. Originally a refuge for the destitute and dying, Nazareth house has evolved and now welcomes a diverse group of men placed with us in collaboration with Douglas Hospital, Allan Memorial, CHUM, also Welcome Hall Mission, Old Brewery Mission (PRISM program)  as well as, Foster and Tracom Rehabilitation centers. In addition to our main residence, we also lease thirteen apartments on Hope Street for our more autonomous residents. We are very fortunate to be located in an area of Montreal known as Shaughnessy Village, a close knit community in the southwest burrough. Our residents, accepted and supported by our neighbors, have truly found a place they can finally call a Home. 

People say, “What is the meaning of a little effort? “They do not see that we have an obligation to build a house one brick at a time, one step followed by another. ” – Dennis Hadley

Dennis Hadley Our principle residence on Seymour Street is where the true spirit of Nazareth House reveals itself. These adjacent buildings are home to eight residents, dining area, chapel, common rooms, as well as our offices and small meeting rooms. Interactive social activities are encouraged, computers are provided, holidays and special occasions celebrated, all in keeping with a family-like environment. With the majority of our residents suffering from some form of mental distress, and challenged by social norms and interaction, participation in daily routines, creative programs, and community projects are at the forefront of our ideology.