What is Nazareth House? How does the shelter operate – is it a day center / drop-in, or transitional / long-term shelter? 

Nazareth House is a non-profit shelter for 22 men who live their lives struggling with mental health issues, addictions and homelessness. This is a home, and people live here as long as they are capable.

What kinds of activities are there for the residents? The residents will participate in daily routines, programs and community projects to the best of their ability in accordance with their individual needs. With help from student volunteers, we have yoga, art, fitness, as well as computer and guitar lessons, just to name a few. These are the foundations of our philosophy of “creative support” for healing.

What is the typical day of a resident at the shelter?  Residents begin the day with a warm and nutritional breakfast. Then, they can check the schedule and see the day’s activity. They also may participate in other activities such as talking with their support worker, going for a hospital visit, completing their designated chore and socializing with volunteers and other residents. In between lunch and supper, they can also spend their leisure time watching a sporting event, having a cup of coffee or playing a game of pool or crib.

What are some of the reasons that the residents find themselves at the shelter? Some reasons include poverty, lack of social support, mental illness, violence and addictions.

How many residents are there? There are 22 residents at Nazareth House.

Are the residents’ family allowed to visit at the shelter? Of course! We welcome and encourage the support of family.

What are their living arrangements?  Some of our residents have individual apartments just around the corner on Hope Street, with support, meals and activities in the main House. Other residents reside in individual, private rooms in the House with shared bathrooms. Peer support is provided nightly.

Is there a list of missing items for donations? Yes, please, we have all-round needs as well as season specific. To find out more information, please click here and then click “What we need and how to donate” on the left sidebar.

How many homeless people are there in Montreal? The estimate is 25,000. However there are also the “hidden homeless”, such as “couch surfers” and motel dwellers, which are much less visible.

Should I give people on the street money? Give time – say hello! Give a gift certificate from Tim Hortons’, granola bars, warm socks in winter, a bottle of water in the summer, or our guidebook “Destination Montreal”, which lists all available Montreal resources for street people.  For more information about the guidebooks, please call Nazareth House at (514) 933-6916.

Are you a registered charity? If so, what is your charity number? Nazareth House is a registered charity and, as such, can issue tax receipts for income tax purposes. Our Charitable Registration Number is 13180-0989-RR0001.

How do I donate to Nazareth House? You can donate online, by phone or mail.

How is the majority of my donation spent? The majority of your donation is spent for our residents, providing food, clothing, rent, a warm apartment, field trips and holiday celebrations.

Can someone come speak to my company, service, school, club, etc.? With pleasure! Our mission is also to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental health issues and homelessness.

How do I volunteer? Please see our volunteer page and fill out our application.

Are you a religious organization? No, we celebrate different faiths, and have respect for the great diversity of religions and traditions of our residents, staff, volunteers and students.